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Brookline Patch Column: Words Words Words

Nomi and I are both fascinated with language; she's a writer and editor, I'm an editor and writer, and her background is in linguistics. So it's not surprising that we've been observing with great interest how Muffin and Squeaker pick up language.

It's also not surprising that Nomi would choose to write a column about it.

Want to find out their first word? Interested in how we talk to them?

These questions and many more are answered in Nomi and my current The Brookline Parent column up at Brookline Patch:

Words Words Words

Go click on the link, to see an adorable picture of our kids with one of their favorite books.


Thank you. They are adorable.
It is pretty neat that they had the same first word! And it is a cool process, in general. H. was toddling around after L. this morning, saying "kat! kat! kat!" We're so looking forward to when we can actually have a conversation with him... but we know it'll be a while.
My sister and I had the same first word, too - three years apart, though. (It was "more" - we think this was a result of that being one of the main questions one asks a toddler. "Do you want some more?")
Careful -- saying big words around young children may lead to precociousness, pedagogery, erudition, and a tendency to confuse their peers.

(I'm still amazed by the number of people who don't know the meaning of "obstreperous". It was a household word when my brother and I were growing up!)

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