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No Boskone For You

Last year, Nomi and I made the decision to skip Arisia and Boskone. Our decision was based on a few things, including the cost of attending the convention and the hassle of taking care of the kids in a hotel. As it is, we managed to bring the kids to Boskone for Sunday, and that was nice.

This year, we skipped Arisia again, and this time, we're pretty much sure we're missing Boskone completely, for the first time in many years. The factors are still the same: the cost of going, and the need to care for the kids at the same time, just makes attending the conventions too difficult for us right now. In a few years, we're hoping that will change.

So if you'll be at Boskone this weekend, have a good time on our behalf.


It absolutely will change. I'm sure all of your friends understand.
I know the feeling, amigo--there are cons we haven't been back to in six years, but we're finally reaching the point where the kids are old enough to visit relatives on their own (not fly on their own, but at least go stay with them without us) so we're hoping to return to a few.
I'd offer tips, but my situation with a young child and a mundane wife was very different than your situation.

Sorry you're having con attendance problems.
Same here... had hoped to do a one-day at Arisia but didn't work out with the nap schedule. May try for a brief stop-in at Boskone but will have to play it by ear.
We'll miss you.

December 2016

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