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Brookline Patch Column: Charlie and Children on the MBTA

What's it like trying to get a stroller onto and off of the Green Line trolley in Brookline? Do the other rush hour passengers complain, or do they endure it stoically? How friendly are T drivers when they see newborns?

These questions and many more are answered in Nomi and my current The Brookline Parent column up at Brookline Patch:

Charlie and Children on the MBTA.

Go click on the link, to see an adorable picture of our kids riding the T.


One thing about hauling kids around in a stroller is it makes you so much more aware of how inaccessible many places are to folks in wheelchairs.

I took the sprogs by T into the New England Aquarium for their first birthday, and several of the T stations we had to pass through the elevators were broken and I was lucky that my elder kid and I could pick the stroller up and get it up the stairs/escalators, although there was also a station where the escalator was too narrow for a twin stroller. People didn't complain, but neither did they give us space to get up into and out of the cars, or room once we were aboard. We had to pass on several trains because even as we were trying to get the stroller up the stairs people would push past us and take up the last available space, and nearly missed our stop in one place because no one would get out of the way to let us out until I got really pushy about it.

It was, all in all, a horrible experience and did not leave me feeling especially kindly towards my fellow man, and seems rather the opposite of your experience.

December 2016

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