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French Toast Alert Means French Toast

Because of the snowstorm, I'm working from home today, which allowed us to have lunch as a family this afternoon. And what goes better with a snowstorm than French toast?

French Toast for a Groundhog Day Snowstorm French Toast for a Groundhog Day Snowstorm
Photo ©2011 M. Burstein. All rights reserved.

Squeaker agrees, even if she usually waits until the end of lunch to shove all the food into her mouth.

Squeaker Enjoys French Toast For Lunch Squeaker Enjoys French Toast For Lunch
Photo ©2011 M. Burstein. All rights reserved.

And Muffin was delighted as well, even if she did miss her morning nap.

Muffin Enjoys French Toast For Lunch Muffin Enjoys French Toast For Lunch
Photo ©2011 M. Burstein. All rights reserved.


They're growing so fast!
oh gosh what cutie pies! And the mischief in Squeaker's eyes - you are in so much trouble :o)
They're getting so big!
When did you replace those tiny baby girls with these two monkeys???

Thanks -- photos like these just brighten the day. :-)
Good to see this is a broader theme with being iced in. We had French Toast yesterday, Blueberry Pancakes today. Kiddo enjoyed them berry berry much.
we ignored te French Toast warnings and went right for spaghetti. Carb loading takes many, many forms :)
your children, sir - they are beautiful! :)

and french toast is always better for lunch.
I can't get over how big they are! Weren't they born yesterday?
We had French toast today too, to take advantage of both of us having a snow day (possibly a first). Didn't give any to H. though, worried it would be too rich for him. Maybe next time.

Edited at 2011-02-03 05:49 am (UTC)
They're so adorable!

Do you have a good French toast recipe, BTW? It looks yummy.
I can see you don't let them have syrup yet.
BTW how did you deal with the Egg Question? (Waiting 1 year vs. 2, yolks vs. whites vs. whole eggs, etc.) We're in discussion with our pediatrician about that.
Our pediatrician never told us to withhold eggs. Our girls have been eating eggs for almost as long as they've been eating solids, with no problem whatsoever.
Really? Wow. Most everyone we know with babies waited at least a year. What are you doing about peanuts and nuts?
We haven't given them peanuts yet, but our pediatrician already told us we could at any time (since the 15-month appointment; he probably would've allowed it earlier, as well). We have no food allergies in our family except one odd one beckyfeld developed in high school, so it's not a big worry for us. They've been exposed to peanuts for sure, with no detrimental results.
That's good to know. Same with tree nuts, I assume?
They've had almonds, which are tree nuts, with no problem. We don't give them to them often, but we don't shield them from them. Again, with no history of childhood food allergies, there's less of a concern that our girls will be allergic. Our doctor's basic attitude is that we can't withhold all foods forever. What we did wait on was wheat (since my mom is sensitive to it), but they have had no problems with wheat since we introduced it.
Makes sense. We don't have any allergy histories but our doctor is very cautious. We'll have to discuss it with her again.

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