mabfan (Michael A. Burstein) (mabfan) wrote,
mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

Apex Publications Sale on Descended From Darkness

For those of you who might be interested, Apex Publications is having a deal on both volumes of Descended From Darkness that reprints in book form all the stories they published in their online magazine.

Folks may recall that I served as the guest editor for the April 2009 issue, and published two stories on the theme of how the future will remember the past: “Hindsight, in Neon” by Jamie Todd Rubin and .“Waiting for Jakie” by Barbara Krasnoff. Both of those stories are reprinted in the first volume of Descended From Darkness, so if you want to read them again or for the first time, here's your chance.
Tags: books, science-fiction

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