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No Drums, No Bugles; No Arisia, No Party

It occurred to me that I have been so busy this week I forgot to let people know that we won't be at Arisia this weekend. Like last year, it would be too much trouble this year trying to go to Arisia with Muffin and Squeaker in tow. (It's even harder this year, as the convention has moved to the Westin Waterfront hotel; a nice space, but an inconvenient location for us.)

Also, although we often use Arisia as an excuse to throw a birthday party for Nomi, we're not doing so this year.

We're sorry we'll be missing out on all the social interaction, but we need the rest.

And did I mention that the eruv is down? Yep, it's down.


Hard luck about the eruv, it always ruined my mother's shabbos!
Hang in there. Tiny children make it hard to pursue social activities and hobbies, but it gets much better.
Us too. We didn't plan to attend Arisia anyway for budgetary reasons, but with all the upheaval in our life the past two weeks and the awful cold I got as soon as Andrew came home, it turns out it's a good thing.

On an unrelated topic, do you foresee any possibility of either you or Nomi going to Rami's in the next week? I am asking for a reason.

Happy Birthday, Nomi!

prettypammie and I missed you [and mabfan, too! ] We've got two-year-old Nixie in-tow--made a lot more manageable with her being the only little one for us to chase and big brother being an experienced Arisia veteran.

Hopefully things will be more manageable this year, as with only the one opportunity to get together every year, it makes it far too long when we have to skip one!

If you can sneak in for the evening or the morning for a "drive-by" visit, we'd be thrilled. I know the logistics of bundling and moving everyone are daunting, though!

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