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LWV: How to Run for Town Office Workshop

For those of you who live in Brookline, and have considered running for local political office, and are wondering what I'll be doing next Thursday night:

The League of Women Voters of Brookline Sara K. Wallace Fund for Voter Education is sponsoring a “How to Run for Local Office” workshop on Thursday, January 20, 2011, 7:00-9:00 P.M., in the Brookline Town Hall, Room 103. The workshop is designed to provide people with the tools and resources they need to be a successful candidate. Last year at the League’s workshop someone decided to run for town-wide office and won!

The workshop will present information on how to run a successful campaign, how to collect signatures the deadlines and reporting requirements for candidates, the responsibilities and time commitments of the office, and more.

Workshop speakers will include Pat Ward, Town Clerk, who will explain the mechanics of running for office, and Julie Johnson, who has managed many campaigns, will discuss what it takes to run a successful campaign in Brookline. Rounding out the panel will be Jesse Mermell to discuss the Office of Selectmen, Kevin Lang to present the School Committee, Joanne Sullivan to talk about the work of the Brookline Housing Authority, Michael Burstein to explain the responsibilities of the Library Trustees, and Harry Friedman to talk about the duties of a Town Meeting Member.

The workshop will be held from 7:00-9:00 P.M., January 20, in the Brookline Town Hall, Room 103. There is no fee. Please RSVP to the League by email to info@lwvbrookline.org.


Any way to get the MD local chapter to run some workshops like this? We could use some shaking up around here.
I'd say contact them and volunteer. :-)

Seriously, though, our local chapter of the League is extremely active. Not sure how other League chapters handle this sort of thing.

By the way, I wanted to ask you what you knew about this group: http://njdc.org. What do you know about them?

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