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Anyone Free For Lunch?


As it so happens, I find myself with a flexible schedule most of the time now during the week, as I'm devoting a lot of time to writing. Consequently, I realize that I would be free to have lunch on many weekdays, but I have no one with whom to do so.

So I'm putting out this call on LJ. If anyone out there is interested in joining me for lunch anytime, by all means get in touch and we can try to get together. The only stipulation is that I'd need to go to a kosher place. That means either you have to meet me in the Coolidge Corner area of Brookline, and we'd go to either Rami's, Rubin's, Taam China, or Cafe Eilat, or we could meet in downtown Boston and go to the Milk Street Cafe. (Yes, Ruth's Kitchen and Shalom Asia are both kosher, but if I'm going for Chinese food, it'll be to Taam China.)

And if you just want to meet for ice cream, any JP Licks would do.


We'll have to make plans when I visit if your schedule is still open - no idea when that'll be yet. I figure I'm a little too far now for that spur of the moment stuff unfortunately :).
Yeah, I suppose I should set up a Boston area only filter for this sort of post...
Don't do it on my account! As I told gnomi I'm nosey and like to be up on what's going on with folks :).
Sounds good to me. My schedule is sorta loose till Worldcon, as I have lots to do, but arrange my day at will. We could meet at NEC and hit Rami's sometime.
I'll have to get a list of kosher restaurants in the Boston area from you - I have some friends who keep kosher and we never know where to get food for them when they visit my parents!
Here's a webpage with a list:

I'm free for lunch (next week or later; this week is nutty enough already). Brookline is fine next week; after that Milk Street would be much easier.
These days, I'm almost always free around lunchtimes. So if you've still got your flexible schedule, call me, or email me, and let me know if you've still got any days unspoken for :)

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