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Thanksgiving Apex Blog and Patch Column

I hope everyone who celebrated the holiday had a good Thanksgiving! Nomi and I were so busy with getting things done, that I didn't have a chance to let people know about my new Apex Blog post, Harry Potter and the Completed Series. I pointed out the problem that future generations of parents might have when it comes to introducing their children to the most popular book series of all time.

And since I'm late letting people know about my post, I thought I might as well combine that pointer with one toward today's The Brookline Parent column over on Brookline Patch. This week's column, written by Nomi, is all about how the kids got the nicknames that we use for them in the column: Regarding Muffin and Squeaker.



Nice post on Harry Potter! My wife, who teaches kindergarten, and I are discussing the issues you raised right now.
I suspect a lot of parents are pondering the issues; I suspect I'm not the first or the last word on the subject.
This comes at a really appropriate time for me! We've been talking a lot with my son's therapist lately about the difficulties of raising bright kids, because their brains are capable of understanding and evolving thoughts they don't have the emotional capacity to handle. We have to be really careful with him and books, because he is very capable of reading books that will leave him upset and stressed for weeks to come. It's a strange balancing act, and I'm not at all sure how we'll handle things like Harry Potter, except that we'll have to try to read a lot of them along with him, to help him handle the text and themes on an emotional level.

Potter Books

Both my kids bogged down at book 4 or 5, and I've heard from other moms that this is not uncommon. I suspect they'll pick them up at some point and try again; meanwhile, I explained that the later books are for older kids anyway.

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