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Brookline Town Meeting Link, Night 2


Brookline Patch: "Brookline Town Meeting in 60 Seconds: Night Two" by Neal Simpson

Even shorter version: Town Meeting voted to give green card resident aliens local voting rights, subject to the legislature's approval; and passed a resolution asking local grocers and restaurants not to serve crated veal.


Suggestion for Brookline to raise funds: Ticket motorists who block the intersection at Coolidge Corner during rush hour, causing gridlock. From what I see going through there even as late as 7:00 PM, they'd more than pay for the cost of the police detail.
I know that there are police officers guiding traffic in Coolidge Corner around 4:30-6. Not sure if any are there as late as 7.
I frequently bike through that intersection between 6-7PM, and there's almost always at least some level of gridlock, often at a high enough level to create backups on Beacon St, with no cops in sight.

I've heard that other cities have had success in eliminating this behavior through strict enforcement. Perhaps that's something that ought to be tried here, though Mass. does seem to have a culture of not enforcing moving violations other than speeding.
I think the veal issue is going a bit overboard. I haven't eaten veal in over 20 years, but I believe that markets have the right to sell what the customers want to buy. Same with the restaurants. Whatever. I'm sure I'm in the minority.
I enjoy veal and plan to continue eating it. That said, the article we voted on was a resolution, not an actual bylaw ban, such as when we banned transfats a few years ago. Also, the health and commercial services department have put together a list of suppliers who raise uncrated veal and will be sending that list to all the relevant grocers and restaurants in town. (Actually, they've already been in touch, and almost everyone said that their establishment either already used uncrated veal or were willing to change.)
I am opposed to the trans fat ban on the same basis that aunt_becca cites. However, in the case of crated veal there's a separate issue, that of cruelty to animals.

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