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Noreascon 4 Schedule

It's been pointed out to me that people might want to know where to find Nomi and me at Worldcon. Here's our schedule; please note that this is preliminary, so it may very well change before the convention.

Noreascon 4 Schedule
Nomi & Michael Burstein

Thursday, September 2:
2 PM
Panel: (Really) Hard Science for Beginners - Michael A. Burstein (M), Keith G. Kato, Isaac Szpindel (H301)

4 PM
Panel: Stump the Scientists! - Michael A. Burstein, Isaac Szpindel, Amy Thomson (M) (Garder)

5 PM
Autographing at Analog / Asimov's table - Michael A. Burstein

6 PM
Panel: Language: Barrier or Bridge - Nomi Burstein (M), Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, Sheila Finch, Yves Meynard, Vera Nazarian (H307)

7 PM
Panel: The Return of 20 Panels an Hour... - Michael A. Burstein, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Bob Devney (M), Leigh Grossman (H311)

9 PM
Panel: A Scene a Minute? / Whose Line Is It? - Michael A. Burstein (M), Nomi Burstein (M), Solomon Davidoff, Michael McAfee, Michael Rennie, Josepha Sherman (H204)

Friday, September 3:
Panel: How to Become Invisible - Michael A. Burstein (M), Dave Clements, Howard Davidson, Robert A. Metzger (Clarendon)

1 PM
Panel: 15 Years of "The Simpsons" - Michael A. Burstein (M), Pam Fremon, Daniel Kimmel (H305)

5 PM
Panel: Turning Science into SF - Michael A. Burstein, Thomas A. Easton (H203)

Saturday, September 4:

11 AM
Panel: Really Alien Languages - Suzanne Alles Blom, Nomi Burstein, Mark Mandel, Lawrence Schoen, Timothy L. Smith (H303)

1:30 PM
Panel: Using SF to Teach About... - Michael A. Burstein (M), Barbara Chepaitis, Theodora Goss, Leslie Howle, Larry A. Lebofsky, Dennis Livingston (H203)

3 PM
Panel: Smallville - Michael A. Burstein, Pam Fremon, Tom Galloway (M), Kimberly Ann Kindya, Nicki Lynch (H304)

8 PM
Hugo Awards Ceremony -
Hynes Auditorium

Sunday, September 5:

11 AM
Panel: Writers' Tools (and Desk Fetishes!) - Michael A. Burstein, Daniel P. Dern, Vera Nazarian, Amy Thomson (M), Shane Tourtellotte (H204)

1 PM

3:30 PM
Reading (Exeter)

4 PM
Panel: Jewish Time-Based Mitzvoth in a Lunar Colony - Nomi Burstein (M), Solomon Davidoff, Janice Gelb, Daniel Kimmel (H205?)

Monday, September 6:

10 AM
Kaffeklatsch - Michael A. Burstein

Panel: Alternate Holocausts - Michael A. Burstein, Evelyn C. Leeper, Susan Shwartz, Harry Turtledove (M) (H306)

2 PM:
Panel: TV Storytelling: From Arcs to Episodes - Michael A. Burstein, Craig Engler, Daniel Kimmel (M), Bobbi King, Melinda Snodgrass (H306)


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