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Noreascon 4 Schedule

It's been pointed out to me that people might want to know where to find Nomi and me at Worldcon. Here's our schedule; please note that this is preliminary, so it may very well change before the convention.

Noreascon 4 Schedule
Nomi & Michael Burstein

Thursday, September 2:
2 PM
Panel: (Really) Hard Science for Beginners - Michael A. Burstein (M), Keith G. Kato, Isaac Szpindel (H301)

4 PM
Panel: Stump the Scientists! - Michael A. Burstein, Isaac Szpindel, Amy Thomson (M) (Garder)

5 PM
Autographing at Analog / Asimov's table - Michael A. Burstein

6 PM
Panel: Language: Barrier or Bridge - Nomi Burstein (M), Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, Sheila Finch, Yves Meynard, Vera Nazarian (H307)

7 PM
Panel: The Return of 20 Panels an Hour... - Michael A. Burstein, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Bob Devney (M), Leigh Grossman (H311)

9 PM
Panel: A Scene a Minute? / Whose Line Is It? - Michael A. Burstein (M), Nomi Burstein (M), Solomon Davidoff, Michael McAfee, Michael Rennie, Josepha Sherman (H204)

Friday, September 3:
Panel: How to Become Invisible - Michael A. Burstein (M), Dave Clements, Howard Davidson, Robert A. Metzger (Clarendon)

1 PM
Panel: 15 Years of "The Simpsons" - Michael A. Burstein (M), Pam Fremon, Daniel Kimmel (H305)

5 PM
Panel: Turning Science into SF - Michael A. Burstein, Thomas A. Easton (H203)

Saturday, September 4:

11 AM
Panel: Really Alien Languages - Suzanne Alles Blom, Nomi Burstein, Mark Mandel, Lawrence Schoen, Timothy L. Smith (H303)

1:30 PM
Panel: Using SF to Teach About... - Michael A. Burstein (M), Barbara Chepaitis, Theodora Goss, Leslie Howle, Larry A. Lebofsky, Dennis Livingston (H203)

3 PM
Panel: Smallville - Michael A. Burstein, Pam Fremon, Tom Galloway (M), Kimberly Ann Kindya, Nicki Lynch (H304)

8 PM
Hugo Awards Ceremony -
Hynes Auditorium

Sunday, September 5:

11 AM
Panel: Writers' Tools (and Desk Fetishes!) - Michael A. Burstein, Daniel P. Dern, Vera Nazarian, Amy Thomson (M), Shane Tourtellotte (H204)

1 PM

3:30 PM
Reading (Exeter)

4 PM
Panel: Jewish Time-Based Mitzvoth in a Lunar Colony - Nomi Burstein (M), Solomon Davidoff, Janice Gelb, Daniel Kimmel (H205?)

Monday, September 6:

10 AM
Kaffeklatsch - Michael A. Burstein

Panel: Alternate Holocausts - Michael A. Burstein, Evelyn C. Leeper, Susan Shwartz, Harry Turtledove (M) (H306)

2 PM:
Panel: TV Storytelling: From Arcs to Episodes - Michael A. Burstein, Craig Engler, Daniel Kimmel (M), Bobbi King, Melinda Snodgrass (H306)


At this point, we don't know if we are doing WorldCon - too much to do at work to take off Thursday, and too many things up in the air otherwise - but I suspect I will be seeing a good deal of you from the audience if we are there.
Well, if you do decide to come to Worldcon, let us know...
Goodness you'll be busy! Hope you have time to enjoy the con :)
Being on a ton of panels is how I enjoy the con...

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