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Brookline Patch Column: Waken Baby Syndrome

Remember when two weeks ago, the first The Brookline Parent column by Nomi and me appeared on Brookline Patch?

It's a bi-weekly column, so today the second one has just appeared: Waken Baby Syndrome. Now, babies wake up for many reasons, but this time of year one of the worst offenders for waking your kids are political phone calls. So how do you stop those phone calls from disturbing your children's precious sleep? You can find out what steps I took in today's column.

Read and enjoy!


the commercials make me absolutely crazy, and the calls are way out of hand. I thought I was a registered I, but turns out I'm a D. Richie is and I, so we get bombarded. We usually get robo-calls, and only once did I get a live person making the call, about 6 weeks ago. I asked them to please take me off of their list. After the 10,000th call this week from the Frank campaign telling us how the world will come to an end and the Apocalypse will begin if a Republican is voted in, I told the person making the call that I was annoyed that they kept calling, that I had asked them to take me off of their list, and because they did not listen, I was not voting for Barney Frank (I wasn't going to anyway, but they didn't need to know that). I then politely told them that there are probably others like me out there, and that they should listen more attentively to the requests of the voters.
I'm not that fickle that something like that would influence my vote, but it seems that this is the only way to get my point across.
I HATE the election time of year! Thank goodness it will be over on Tuesday.
oh, did I mention that I'm not even in the Frank/Bielat district? So the calls are all for naught. Makes the whole thing even funnier.
I was wondering about that, when you said you were getting calls from the Frank campaign. Are they robocalls or a person? If a person, telling them that you're in a different district should get them to stop calling you real quick.
mostly robo-calls. The one this week was a real person. If they call me again before election day, I'll be sure to tell them that I'm not in the district.
Here in Capuano-land, I've managed to avoid all of this. But it must be very frustrating.
Speaking as a politician myself, I'm not even sure how effective phone calls are, except for the ones on the day of the election itself, reminding your supporters to vote. Those help.

As for robocalls, though, I can't think of a single voter who was ever swayed by a robocall, except in the other direction. Other politicians need to learn that voters hate robocalls.
I was particularly disgusted by a robocall I got from Deval Patrick recently which started out, "I know you guys hate robocalls; I hate them, too, but it's the most effective way to get my message out there."

My response was basically, "Not to me, it isn't; *click*" I mean, these guys know the robocalls are obnoxious and people hate them. Why do they keep doing them?
Too cute. Way to be direct! Good job.

Missouri has this new law about robocalls, which is awesome. Anyone from a third-hand car dealer to a PAC can get busted. I have a cell phone, but we do get robocalls at work (?) and it's a lot of fun reporting them.
That was a clever solution; I'm glad it worked!

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