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BDTC Garden Party, 2010

Yesterday, Nomi and I took the afternoon to attend the Brookline Democratic Town Committee Garden Party. Although I'm a registered Democrat in the town of Brookline, I haven't been to the party in years, mostly because I'd been working on Columbus Day. This year I happened to have the day off, so Nomi and I got a babysitter and decided to hang out with local and state politicians.

Michael Dukakis at the BDTC Garden Party 2010 Michael Dukakis at the BDTC Garden Party 2010
Photo copyright ©2010 M. Burstein. Permission to reproduce is explicitly denied.

Because it's such a contentious election year, there were a lot of current officeholders and candidates who made a point of showing up, even if only briefly. Secretary of State William Francis Galvin was around, and Diane Patrick showed up to talk about her husband's re-election campaign for governor. I also got to meet Martha Coakley briefly and I let her know that a former student of mine had worked for her during the senate race.

We also got to see a few other politicians I wanted to see.

Nomi S. Burstein, Michael A. Burstein, Congressman Barney Frank Nomi S. Burstein, Michael A. Burstein, Congressman Barney Frank
Photo copyright ©2010 C. Caro. Permission to reproduce is explicitly denied.

Barney Frank has been our congressman ever since we moved to Brookline, and I've met him only once or twice before. This time, I had a copy of his biography in hand for him to autograph, and I had a chance to thank him for the honesty in his letters to constituents. I contact Congressman Frank's office whenever there's an issue I disagree with him on, and he always replies back explaining not only that he disagrees with me, but why he does. Once he even got me to change my mind with his reasoned arguments. I appreciate that level of forthrightness in a politician.

Michael A. Burstein, Steve Grossman Michael A. Burstein, Steve Grossman
Photo copyright ©2010 N. Burstein. Permission to reproduce is explicitly denied.

Steve Grossman is a candidate for Treasurer this year, and if he's elected he'll be the first Jewish candidate elected to a statewide office in Massachusetts in many years. Nomi and I supported Grossman in 2002 when he ran for governor, and I was sorry when he dropped out. He's a good man, and I hope he'll win election this year to Treasurer.

Alan Khazei, Michael A. Burstein Alan Khazei, Michael A. Burstein
Photo copyright ©2010 N. Burstein. Permission to reproduce is explicitly denied.

Alan Khazei isn't exactly a politician; he ran in the special senate race this year, and when he lost the primary he threw his support behind Coakley. Khazei had been my first choice in the race; I really like the City Year program (although I was never a participant). I hope Khazei will consider another run for public office in the future; in the meantime, I was glad to hear him tell me how much he likes the Brookline Library.


Barney! I'm so jealous. I respect that man so much. :)
I wouldn't have recognized Dukakis...I realized with a start that his presidential run was more than 20 years ago...but Barney Frank doesn't seem to have changed a bit in all that time. :)
The first thing I did when I became an American citizen was to mail my registratiomn card as a Democrat. The 2nd thing, actually. The real first thing was my wife and I going to our Favorite Mexican restaurant.

In 2008, I was the first person to vote t our Poll Station.

Go, us!
You know more than one person who worked for Martha. I delivered the City of Somerville for her.

(Mind you, the City of Somerville would have got delivered regardless of my presence or lack thereof, but hey, I was the city volunteer coordinator, I get the credit. Go me? :-)

Good for you going to the party. And I would love to meet Barney Frank one of these days; he gives a good speech, and strikes me as that rarest of all birds, an honest politician.
Well, yes, I knew that, but you were never a student of mine. :-) (I feel a paternal sense of pride over what this particular student has accomplished in her life, whether or not I'm entitled to it.)
October 13th, Governor Dukakis and Senate President William Bulger came to my class at UMass Boston and talked with us about their experiences in politics. It was very interesting.
Did you happen to meet Jim Henderson, who's running as an Independent for Sec'y of the Commonwealth? We went to college together, we took a small class together (Technology and Public Policy). Interesting to see him actually putting it to use.
If he's running as an independent, it doesn't seem likely that he would show up at a Democratic party event...

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