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Why I Haven't Been Posting A Lot

I keep meaning to post a general update of some sort; from the reactions I had to a recent comment on Facebook, I'm under the impression that people would be interested in what's going on in my life. But the fact is that for the moment, my life feels rather pedestrian and matter-of-fact. It's pretty much like this.

Every weekday, we wake up, get ourselves and the kids ready for the day, and then I go to work. After work, I return home, and we play with the kids (or let them play), feed them, and then get them to go to sleep. After that, if we're up to it, there's some TV and reading in there.

On the weekends, well, Saturday being shabbat, we try to go to shul and visit someone for lunch if we have an invitation. On Sunday, there's always a lot we could do, but again, we mostly stay at home to try to keep the kids on a regular eating-playing-napping schedule. We try to work in our own naps too, but we don't always succeed, as much as we still need them.

We're not going out to places or events because of the logistics of doing so, and my writing productivity has taken a nosedive. Our social life is currently reduced to having people over who are willing to deal with our need to deal with the kids. And that usually means kicking them out at 8:30 so we can get the kids to go to sleep.

I've been meaning to post about books I've read and the one movie we saw recently (Inception), but it's difficult to find the time or energy. And when I do find the time or energy, I really ought to devote it to working on fiction, so I tend to freeze up and not do anything.

So. Um. Now you know.


I look forward to witnessing the process in person in the coming week. :-)
Did I forget to tell you about life after children?

Got back from NASFIC last night. At NASFIC, I gave out the Sidewise Awards, sat on three panels, and pissed off the entire dealers room/art show...twice.

Received page proofs for my next anthologized story ("In the Night," coming out in Love and Rockets from DAW in December).

Preparing the next ISFiC Press book, Assassins, by Steven Barnes. Received a proposal today for a new ISFiC Press book that we might actually do.

Doing mighty work behind the scenes on the potential Chicago Worldcon for 2012.

Leaving for Seattle/Bellingham/Vancouver/Victoria on Thursday.

Hoping to receive a review copy of the new novel Percival's Planet.
lame excuses, Michael. If you were really dedicated to blogging, you'd find a way- sacrifice sleep, ignore your wife and child-whatever.

how soon before someone doesn't get that I'm joking?
I would happily invite you to all to lunch, the house being very twin-proof, but I'm afraid the drive would be exceptionally disruptive to any sort of routine. )-:

I don't know if this would help, but I find that after I finally get the bugs in bed and have some me-time, if I sit at the computer and do some mindless decompression things (FB games, in a very limited way) and have a finite cut-off for that, it's easier to transition into writing because I'm already settled into my physical writing environment. It's just a matter of closing FB, launching Pandora for my writing tunes, and getting to work.

Also, it helps to not pay too much attention to word counts, because that's just asking for pressure and/or disappointment based on unrealistic expectations. New words = good.

Anyhow, that's my $.02, glad you're all well, and I'll shut up now.
I think it sounds like a delightful real life :). Not all that different from mine - except in all of the specifics - as to lack of excitement, but I've been cultivating that lately so it actually makes me happy. I'm happy to know that everyone is well, healthy and happy. *hugs* to all, and next time I'm in that area, visiting S&E, we should get together since I love hanging out with people with babies :). Not sure when that'll be though, but it will be.

Oh, and sadly I do understand the freezing up thing, and have had to work on that myself in the last year. Setting manageable goals has helped - based on what I know I can do and have the patience to do at that time and not based on what I know I need to ultimately get done.

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