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Creative Process: The Third Post

I haven't posted recently on the topic of "Denouement" because during most of July, I had a teaching gig and consequently didn't get much writing done. But last week I worked more on the story, and today I now have a first draft finished.

A lot of what happened since the last post was just writing the scene -- it really is something of a one-scene story. But I had to figure out how the story within the story would go, where the conflict would come into play, and the words needed for the resolution. In fact while last week was mostly just writing down anything I could think of that could be used in the story, today was mostly doing fix-up and editing. You see, I tend not to write linearly. A lot of my writing is done by jotting down into the file stuff from later scenes as well as stuff from the scene I'm currently working on, and marking the empty spaces in between with asterisks, which are there to remind me that what I've written isn't complete. So today I had to write those connecting pieces.

And, as often happens, I found that some of the stuff I had written simply won't fit. There are sentences and phrases and whole chunks of dialogue that I liked, but just don't fit the flow of the story. So I moved them into a "Notes" document and cut them from the main document. That way, I have them saved, and I can always use them again if I want.

Which I may decide to do, as the next stage of the editing process now begins.

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