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Readercon 21: We Will Be There on Sunday

Quick note to all who might be interested:
Nomi and I will be at Readercon this weekend, but on Sunday only. Our plan is to sit on the sofa in the main corridor most of the day, along with Muffin and Squeaker, so we can see friends and everyone can meet the kids.

Longer note:
Nomi and I had considered attending Readercon for the whole weekend, but decided in the end that the logistics just weren't feasible. This makes Readercon 21 the first Readercon without my being on programming in over a decade.

That said, however, we didn't want to miss the chance to see the many friends of ours who come into town for the convention. So after much pondering, we worked out a plan to attend on Sunday only, with the kids. We'd like to see friends, and give people a chance to meet the kids. This is especially significant, as at last year's Readercon, Nomi was pregnant with the kids, and exactly a week later, they were born. So people who got to see Nomi in her advanced state of pregnancy last year will now get to see how the kids turned out. (Hint: they turned out fine.)

I am sorry I didn't get my act together in time to try to be on programming just on Sunday, but I expect I'll be kept quite busy, and I wouldn't want to leave Nomi alone with the kids just so I could flit away for an hour to pontificate.

Those of you arriving at Readercon tonight, have a great convention, and we'll see you on Sunday.
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