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Anniversary and Father's Day Weekend

This past weekend gnomi and I hit two milestones: our fifteenth anniversary, and my first Father's Day. The combination of these two celebrations made things a little more festive than usual.

To celebrate our anniversary, Nomi and I went to the movies, something we try to do around our anniversary every year. This year, we saw Toy Story 3, which was heartfelt and moving in many ways. Out of curiosity, we also watched the DVD of the original Toy Story, and I was astonished to see how primitive the animation appeared in comparison. I was also amazed to note that it was released the same year we got married, which made Toy Story 3 a particularly appropriate film for our anniversary.

For Father's Day, Nomi made us a very nice breakfast, with scrambled eggs and soy sausage, and in the evening her parents came over with dinner from Jerusalem Pita. The only bad part of the day was that I collapsed from overheating, which led to Nomi and her father installing one of the air conditioners in the dining room. Nomi and I still need to replace the one in the bedroom, which might require some electrical work, but at least we managed to cool down some of the apartment.

And, in honor of Father's Day, Squeaker seems to have decided that I, and only I, can hold her without her crying. I guess we're bonding, in an odd sort of way.

I hope everyone who celebrated in some way had a good Father's Day.
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