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Last Week: Kids and Sleep (or Lack of). This Week: More of the Same?

Those of you who follow my Facebook status reports last week will already know, but the main theme of our second week of June was a lack of sleep, caused by – what else? – the kids. Usually, Muffin is our good sleeper, and Squeaker is the one who wakes up a few times in the middle of the night, needing comfort. But last week, the tables were turned. (Insert dramatic musical chord here.)

On Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Muffin was woken by her sister and would not, could not, get back to sleep. Nomi got less than an hour of sleep, and I got about three hours, which severely impacted my Wednesday. (How could it not?) The next night, it was a little easier, as Squeaker managed to sleep better, but Muffin didn't, and we still had to trade off. Finally, on Thursday night/Friday morning, they seemed to get back to normal – or what passes for normal, anyway.

Nomi and I had a good weekend; shabbat morning services at Kadimah, lunch with good friends, a visit from Nomi's parents on Sunday. But in a way, the highlight of the weekend was when the whole Burstein family got a two-hour nap on Sunday morning. We knew Muffin could sleep that long for a nap, but for Squeaker to do so as well is a blessing.

As for last night...

Muffin woke up at around 3 am, unable to get back to sleep without rocking. Nomi and I took turns, and as a result, we're both tired again today.

I love each stage, but I'm looking forward to the day when the kids can get out of bed themselves and pour themselves bowls of cereal.
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