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Facebook Community Pages?

Anyone have an idea of what these Facebook community pages are meant to be? I ask because they apparently created them by mining Wikipedia, and since I have a Wikipedia entry I now also have a Facebook community page.

It seemed to me prudent to click the "like" button, which apparently means that my friends on Facebook are getting the status message "Michael A. Burstein likes Michael A. Burstein." Well, that is true, I suppose.

I also signed up to help make the page as good as it could be. Why? Well, because the page has the following message:

Our goal is to make this Community Page the best collection of shared knowledge on this topic. If you have a passion for Michael A. Burstein, sign up and we'll let you know when we're ready for your help.

Since I surely must have a passion for myself, there you go.



I've pretty much given up on social media (except for "retweet this to enter a chance to win a book" type deals). I had a rather bizarre experience recently when I asked a women in one of my college courses to help me (she worked at a local non-profit and I was trying to find a local non-profit to volunteer at so I wanted to ask her about her job and maybe volunteer at her work). Between the time I had asked her (via email) to speak to me and the time we met, there had been maybe 6 emails and a few messages over twitter been us. During which I had agreed to work on her non-profit's adwords campaign. So I examined her organizations website (including the blog which she posts to, and the linkedin, twitter, and faceboook pages put up by their PR people). When I talked to her I got told I was creepy because I knew too much about her, even though every single thing I knew was something she had put out on the internet for public consumption and she knew I was working on a project for her (I didn't even look at non-business stuff about her). I ended up getting fired from the project (at the end of the conversation I tried to bring up what I was working on, only to be asked/told "more", when I had not given her anything yet.) So, I think I'm going to stick with good old fashion, non-internet networking from now on.
Hi, who is this? Could you identify yourself please?

December 2016

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