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Nebula Nominated Story "I Remember the Future" Now Available on the Web – For Free!

So here's the special Nebula week surprise....

As I mentioned in my Nebula Awards interview, I was reluctant to post the short story "I Remember the Future" for free on the web. Here's a little of what I said:

I know some people were disappointed that I didn’t release “I Remember the Future” for free on the web, but the irony is that I was actually the first writer to suggest releasing award nominees onto the web. Back in 1996, when my first story got nominated for the Hugo, I contacted the Worldcon committee and arranged for the nominated stories in my category to be hosted on my own website....

And as it stands, I did make “I Remember the Future” available for free to all members of SFWA, who are the only folks eligible to vote in the Nebulas. Last year, many of the Hugo nominees were made available for free, but only to Worldcon members. It’s no different here. The story was free to read for those people who are eligible to vote for or against it....

However, Apex Publications, which published my story collection, was very persuasive in the end.

So those of you who have been interested in reading the story can now find it on the Apex Blog!

I Remember the Future by Michael A. Burstein

I do hope that people who read the story and enjoy it might consider getting a copy of the book, though...
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