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Welcome to Nebula Week! I've Been Interviewed

Michael A. Burstein at the 2007 Nebula Banquet
Michael A. Burstein at the 2007 Nebula Banquet
Photo copyright ©2007 by Nomi S. Burstein. All rights reserved.

This upcoming weekend SFWA hosts the annual Nebula Awards, which are taking place this year in Florida. Sad to say, even though I'm a nominee this year I can't attend. What with the kids factored into the equation, along with all my other responsibilities, attending the Nebulas just wasn't in the cards for me.

But that's not to say that I still can't celebrate being a nominee this week, even as I anticipating not winning the award itself. I've got some interesting stuff in store for people this week all tied into the Nebula Awards.

Here's the first one: John Ottinger interviewed me for the official site of The Nebula Awards. I've been interviewed a few times before, but I have to say that John asked some very good questions, most of them very different from the sort of questions I'd been asked before. I think the interview will give readers a fresh window into the way I approach my work, so even if you've read an interview with me before, you might find something new to read here:

Michael A. Burstein 2010 Interview

Go read, and let me know if you come back thinking, "I didn't know that about Michael."
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