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Campaign in Full Swing

Next Tuesday, six days from now, is Election Day in the town of Brookline, and I'm pleased to note that things seem to be going well with my campaign to be re-elected a Library Trustee. Already this week shaped up to be a busy one, with the following events related to the campaign:

On Sunday, campaign volunteers stood in Coolidge Corner with signs promoting my candidacy. In addition, lawn signs have been planted, and local stores have agreed to post my signs and carry my campaign literature in their establishments. Anyone out there who wants a campaign button can pick one up at the New England Comics in Coolidge Corner.

On Monday night and on Tuesday afternoon, the League of Women Voters in Brookline sponsored a Candidates Night and a Candidates Afternoon, and I attended both, along with all the other candidates for Library Trustee. We each gave statements and answered a lot of good questions. I was pleased to note that the issue of Sunday hours during the summer came up at both events, as this has been a pet issue of mine for pretty much all of my six years on the board.

I was also pleased to hear the two challengers, Jennifer Rees and Dempsey Springfield, say that they thought the current incumbents were doing a fine job and that we should be re-elected. As it is, Judith Vanderkay, Roberta Winitzer, and I have all endorsed each other, and I hope that the voters of Brookline will vote for all three of us first and then use their fourth vote for the challenger of their choice.

Anyone who missed the Candidates Night can watch it on Brookline Access Television starting tomorrow. I presume they'll post the event on their website as well, as they've already posted the previous Brookline Neighborhood Alliance Candidates Night. But until I have that link, here's when BATV will be broadcasting the LWV Candidates Night (Comcast 23/RCN 15):

Thursday April 29 at 6 pm
Friday April 30 at noon and 8 pm
Saturday May 1 at noon
Sunday May 2 at 6 pm
Monday May 3 at noon and 8 pm

So what's left? The campaign volunteers are still busily handing out and delivering palm cards to remind people to vote, and on election day we'll be out in force at the polls. Anyone local who wants to get involved, as always, let me know.
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