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Brief Personal Update

Life has been very busy recently, what with my need to campaign to keep my Library Trustee seat on top of the usual things that occupy life. So for those of you who have been wondering what we've been up to (other than working), here's a brief update.

On Sunday, Nomi's parents came over to spend time with the kids. I also discoverd the movie camera feature on my PowerShot camera and so have started to make home movies of the kids.

On Monday, Nomi and I both worked from home, which allowed us to take the kids outside to watch the 114th Boston Marathon.

On Tuesday, Nomi bought us more formula for the kids. She had a dentist appointment in the evening and so a friend hung out with me to help me watch the kids. We talked about writing, which was good.

On Wednesday, Nomi filed our campaign finance report with the Town Clerk. It's now public record how much money we raised and spent, and where it all came from and where it went.

On Thursday, I took a personal day so we could take the kids to their nine-month pediatrician appointment. This is the one where they do a blood test for hemoglobin and lead, and I had to hold the kids down while the technician drew blood. They cried, of course, and I felt bad about having to restrain them. In the afternoon, Nomi and I paid a shiva call to a friend who just lost her father.

Today I'm planning for our Sunday campaign meet-and-greet in Coolidge Corner.

That's the week in a nutshell. Any questions?
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