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Burstein for Brookline $5 Baked-Good Fundraiser

For those of you who are either a resident of Brookline or local to the area:

As you may have heard by now, I'm running for re-election for Library Trustee in Brookline and I'm facing a contested election, with five candidates running for the four positions. (You can find out more about my campaign at http://www.bursteinforbrookline.com.) We set up a campaign committee with Nomi as the chair, and we're holding a fundraiser this Sunday. We were trying to think of something appealing to encourage people to come to a fundraiser, and we think we hit on it.

Nomi's going to bake her award-winning cookie bars, and we're offering them to friends who stop by on Sunday. In turn, we're asking for a tiny, minimum donation of $5 towards my re-election campaign (although of course, anyone is welcome to donate more if they wish).

Here are the details:

Burstein for Brookline Baked-Goods Fundraiser

Join Michael A. Burstein, 2010 candidate for Brookline Library Trustee, for a baked-goods fundraiser. For a minimum donation of $5, you can meet with the candidate and sample Nomi S. Burstein’s award-winning chocolate chip cookie bars and other baked goods.

Date: April 11, 2010
Time: 12-3 PM
Location: Our home (please contact us if you need the address)

If you're so inclined, stop by, say hello, meet our kids, and make a donation. And we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know if you're coming so we have enough cookie bars on hand.

And feel free to pass the word!


Forwarded to my folks. Might be worthwhile to try to contact Joel directly yourself - he still has most of his League contacts.

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