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[IRTF] "I Remember the Future" PDF – One Dollar!

I'm pleased to boost the signal on the following announcement:

For the month of March, is selling nineteen Apex Publications books as downloadable PDFs for only $1 each!

If you've been thinking of picking up an Apex title, but haven't been completely sure if you wanted the book on your bookshelf, this is your big chance. Buy a PDF for only $1, read, and enjoy. (I recommend a bunch of titles, including but not limited to Descended From Darkness, The Changed, The Apex Book of World SF, Harlan County Horrors, Open Your Eyes, and The Convent of the Pure.)

Naturally, I Remember the Future is among the books being sold as a downloadable PDF for $1. I know a few people who were disappointed when I noted in my Personal Nebula Thoughts last month that the short story "I Remember the Future" wasn't going to be made available for free despite being nominated for the Nebula Award. If you really want to read the story, for $1 you'll not only get access to that story but fourteen other stories I've written, almost all of them award nominees, plus afterwords to each story.

Here's the link:
I Remember the Future at DriveThruSciFi for $1

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