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Personal Update: Birthday, Purim, and More

This weekend three events are combining to make things very busy for Nomi and me, even beyond the need to take care of Muffin and Squeaker.

First of all, tomorrow is my birthday. It's a milestone one as well. For those of you who choose to offer birthday greetings, please keep in mind that for me it's also the sabbath, and I won't be on the computer at all during the day.

I also won't be on the computer in the evening right away either, because the holiday of Purim starts tomorrow night. Nomi and I and the kids will be in costume listening to the megillah, and then we'll have some prep work for Sunday. Prep work? Why? Because Sunday is not only Purim, but also the day we're holding my birthday dessert party. In short, I'll most likely not see birthday wishes until after my birthday weekend has passed.

Why's that? Because after the dessert party, Nomi and I will be going to the Library Gala. As a Library Trustee, I like to make sure to support the library by going to the Gala. Also, I'm running for re-election this year, so it can't hurt for me to say hello to other library donors and remind them of the work I've done for the library over my last term.

So, to everyone who celebrates: have a happy Michael's birthday and/or a happy Purim! And visit your local library.


Happy Milestone Birthday, Michael! Have a wonderful weekend!
Woot! Happy birthday, and enjoy the party!
I shall offer my birthday wishes here and now. May you have a wonderful birthday and may your next year bring you every joy as you watch the wonder twins grow and activate.
Happy milestone birthday, whichever one it is! (I just did one of those myself on Tuesday.) As a library volunteer, I applaud your dedication to your local library, & wish you luck with your re-election.
Who wouldn't celebrate Michael's birthday?

Bis hundertzwanzig, my friend.
Happy birthday, happy Purim, happy party! Sorry we won't be able to join you for any of them.
Happy Birthday! Happy Purim!
Happies. Till 180 (with inflation).
Happy birthday and purim sameach!
Happy birthday from us!
Sorry we couldn't stop by today. My wife and I were both seriously underslept, and the children were seriously overstimulated.
I'm sorry I'm one day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I thought of you and Chelsea Clinton frequently while celebrating with my brother yesterday (he's 18 now).
Sorry I missed your birthday, and the party - hope both were happy!

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