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Short Boskone 47 Report

Yesterday, gnomi and I spent the day at Boskone with Muffin and Squeaker. Thanks to fynixsoul, who agreed to sit with us in the Con Suite all day and help watch the kids, and tigerbright, who gave a lift to the hotel and back, things were a lot easier than they might have been otherwise.

For one thing, we actually got to enjoy being at Boskone. We felt sad when we had to miss Arisia, and even though it would have been nice to spend the whole weekend at Boskone, we knew that would be difficult this year for the obvious reasons.

Normally at a convention, Nomi and I take in programming, the dealers room, the art show – anything we can. This time around, all we did was sit in the Con Suite (which was conveniently in the concourse) so people could swing by and meet the kids. We even got an announcement in the con newsletter, letting people know where we were. The kids were troopers during the day; although the mass of people confused them, in the end, they retreated into naps. (Squeaker napped longer than Muffin.) And even though Boskone doesn't encourage hall costumes, we figure it wouldn't hurt to dress them in their NASA astronaut jumpsuits. (For those of you who missed it, don't worry, as Purim is approaching.)

I did leave Nomi alone with friends at 2 pm to do my own panel, "Sequels I Want to Read," with Tom Easton and Paul DiFilippo. It was a lot of fun, and I think the small audience got something out of it. We went a little meta, discussing the concept of sequel and series and writing in one universe as well as the idea of wanting to read sequels that haven't been written.

Below is a list of people we saw at the con, and some commentary. I'll come back and add names as they come to mind, and remind me if we saw you!

People we saw:
Bob Eggleton & Marianne Plumridge
Dani Kollin & Eytan Kollin (authors of the novel "The Unincorporated Man," making them Campbell-eligible this year)
Patty Cryan and Frank Raymond Michaels
Bill and Carol Aronoff, Samuel Aronoff, Matthew Aronoff, and Aronoff hangers-on
Zev Sero
Yossi Charpak
Muriel Kanter
Mark & Priscilla Olson
Tony & Suford Lewis
Alice Lewis
Laurie Mann
Jeff Hecht
Jennifer Pelland
Sarah Beth Durst
Bob Leigh & Mabel Liang
Ian Osmond & Lis Riba
Michael Devney
Bob Devney
Lawrence M. Schoen
Miriam DeMarco
Leah Cypess
Navah Wolfe
Darcy Devney & Bob Kuhn
Sheila Perry
Deb Geisler
Claire Anderson
Connie Hirsch
Adina Adler
Meryl Gross
Ellen Brody
Beth Bernobich
Sarah Smith
Kris Burger
Christopher Davis
Chaiya & Steve Huff
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