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Going to Boskone!

Excellent news! Thanks to the assistance of a former student of mine who has agreed to help us out, Nomi and I will be showing up at Boskone this Sunday at around 11 am and will be bringing the girls, so people can meet them. Our plan is basically just to plop down in the Con Suite or some hallway so folks can come by and see us (since carrying two fifteen-pound babies around will tire us out easily).

I know it's not really attending the con a lot, but this way we do get to see people.

Three notes:

1. If you think you'll want to make sure to see us, be in touch with me and and I'll email you my cell number.

2. As it so happens, I'll be doing one panel item at 2 pm, "Sequels I Want to Read."

3. I still have copies of I Remember the Future that I can sell on consignment from the publisher and personally autograph. However, given everything that we have to carry to the convention for the kids, I can't just drag a box of books along as well. If you know you'll be at Boskone and want a personally signed copy of the book, let me know in advance and I'll bring one. As usual, hardcovers are $35, trade paperbacks $22, and you can give me a check made out to Apex Publications.


Do you want me to swing by and pick up a box of books before the con?

Also, I presume the help is having a ride, but if that's not the case, let me know.
Actually, we don't have a ride going to the con, and that is something we might be interested in taking you up on. Right now I'm trying to figure out if that will work, because we may have an offer of a lift back. The issue is taking the car seats and bases to the con, which is easier if we use them in a car going to the con....

(I'm not sure if I would manage to sell enough books to make it worth bringing a box, but we can ponder that as well.)
I'd be happy to come get you. I have one car seat in my car which is *not* appropriate for infants, but that can go in the trunk since our kids will likely be with their grandparents. :)

Does your car have the latch system? We could install the two car seats with the babies in back. The question is, could Nomi and me also fit in the car? And what about my former student? (I'm just trying to figure out the parameters here.)
Hmmm. Sounds like the solution would be either for you to borrow the car (your student could fit in the back depending on zir size and the car seat sizes) or for one or two of you to take the T.

And I do have LATCH, though the bottom one is hard to reach.

Edited at 2010-02-08 04:17 pm (UTC)
My former student could meet us at the hotel. Would you be able to fit Nomi, me, and the two kids?
Provided that either one of you is approximately the same hip size as me and sat in the back, or if one of you drove with me in the back or borrowed the car outright, yes.
I think we'd prefer for you to give us the lift if possible, and I'm sure I could fit in the back with the two car seats.

I'll take this to email later today or tomorrow.
I won't be there, but I'd like to buy a copy.
That's easy! We can take this to email, and you can let me know if you want the HC or TPB, and then we can figure this out for a non-shabbat evening.

If you want to make things even easier, you can mail a check directly to Apex Publications at the address given at http://www.apexbookcompany.com/contact/ . Once they confirm receipt, I can hand over a signed copy of the book.
Is NASFiC in the realm of possibilities?
Sadly, NASFiC is very unlikely. I imagine any travel will be curtailed for the next few years...
I will do my best to swing by. I've got stuff at noon and 1:00 on Sunday, but other than that, I'm unscheduled.
Jealous! Have fun!
Hooray! [I missed this yesterday, with some of the varying degrees of folderol going on in my life.]

I am so pleased to read this, since I was disappointed that I wouldn't be getting to see you. I will make a point of cruising the con suite to find you and Nomi on Sunday, and I will have my friend Frank Raymond Michaels in tow.

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