mabfan (Michael A. Burstein) (mabfan) wrote,
mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

What A Deal! I Remember the Future on Kindle For Only $2!

In honor of my upcoming birthday this month (at least, that's what I'm assuming is the reason), Apex Publications is making all of their Kindle ebooks available for purchase for only $2.

That includes I Remember the Future! Fifteen stories that among them have been nominated for ten Hugos and three Nebulas, along with author afterwords, for only two bucks!

Don't own a Kindle? If you own an iPhone, you can download the free Kindle app.

Don't own an iPhone? The ebook is still available at Fictionwise and Barnes & Noble for only $4.99.

Okay, I'm done now.
Tags: i remember the future

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