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Politicians Should Be Judicious With the Robocalls

We've been getting a lot of robocalls at home for the US Senate race. Although I'm registered as a Democrat, Nomi is registered as independent (in Massachusetts the official designation is Unenrolled, since we have an Independent Party), and consequently we get a lot of calls from Republican candidates as well as Democrats.

It's pretty much a given that I'll be voting for Martha Coakley, although I like much of what Joe Kennedy, the Libertarian candidate, has to say. Kennedy hasn't been robocalling, probably because he doesn't have the money, and I honestly can't remember the last robocall we got from Coakley.

But Scott Brown has been calling quite a bit, and my wife has finally had enough of the robocalls from Scott Brown.

Memo to all politicians: some of your constituents have six-month twin daughters at home that need their naps.


I'm also on the un-enrolled lists, and I just now got a robo-Obama call for Coakley... Hope they let your little ones sleep, but I expect that there will be a whole lot more calls over the weekend.
I got a robo-call this morning from Obama for Coakley, and my caller ID has recorded other robo-calls that didn't leave messages. It will all be over in four more days.
the robo-calls have been fast and furious from both sides. a few more days and we're done.
Man, I haven't gotten a single official call from anyone other than Coakley, though I did get one "poll" which was very, very suspicious, and which I hung up on around 4 questions in because of it's obviously biased nature. But Coakley or surrogates have called 10-12 times this week, and I'm getting deeply sick of the "protect us from the evil filibuster!" tone of the calls, as well as from their frequency. Grr.


Politicians should be legally obligated to have actual live people making the campaign calls. I will vote for whomever pledges to make it illegal to use robo-calling technology for campaign efforts.
Who is this? I don't allow anonymous comments.
I don't see why a robocall is more annoying than a live call. The only time I get annoyed by robocallers is when they expect me to hold for a live person, or else ask me to call a number. No. If you want to talk to me, be there when I answer the phone, or at least by the time your robot finishes the standard greeting. You called me, remember, so you're the one who wants to tell me something, not the other way around. I may be very interested in what you have to say, but without knowing what it is I'm not interested in waiting for you to pick up, and I'm certainly not interested in calling you back. But ordinary robocallers that just give you a message and hang up? Not only don't they bother me, but I don't understand why others object to them. Gnomi's objection is to the noise they make, which live callers make too.
Oops</i> Un-italics.

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