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Busy Weekend in Boston

There's certainly a lot going on in the Boston area this weekend. As I noted before, Nomi and I would have gone to Arisia this weekend had it not been for the logistics of dealing with the new little ones. We're slightly wistful about missing the convention, but in all honesty, we wouldn't have it any other way.

One thing I wish I could get to this weekend, though, is the ALA Midwinter conference. I attended ALA Midwinter the last time it was in Boston in my role as a Trustee of the Public Library of Brookline. ALA draws a lot of publishers giving away books and selling many more at discounted prices, plus the chance to meet various authors. Again, it's something I would love to attend, but I'm not about to leave Nomi home alone to take care of the kids all day. And, anyway, last time ALA was at the Hynes, which is easier for me to get to. This time around it's at the BCEC, a little harder.

A third thing going on in the area this weekend is the Mystery Hunt. This isn't something I've ever participated in before, nor do I plan to in the future, so I don't mind missing it. However, I do have friends active in Mystery Hunt whom it would be nice to see, and given how busy they all are, it's unlikely I'll have a chance to see any of them.

Say la vee.

A reminder to all: Nomi and I will be celebrating her birthday at our place on Saturday night, if you want to stop by and say hello. And we will be around (but at home) the rest of the weekend if you're so inclined; just get in touch in advance.


Please give Nomi our warmest wishes for her birthday. Hope the celebration is a good one.
It's funny, but I'm more disappointed about missing Nomi's party, about not getting to meet Muffin and Squeaker and to spend time with you and yours, and about not staying the weekend with my ALA friend Jen and her cats, than I am about missing Arisia and ALA themselves.
Thanks to the ALA being in town this week, I get to see my friend Deb Stone more than once this year!
La Vee!
Now.. why did I call the name of my cousins?

But really... we missed having you @ arisia. I missed seeing everyone. Sat night just wasn't the same. I did drag some of the usual suspects (not the actual group called Usual Suspect, mind.) to see what it was like, and I think they enjoyed it, though.

I also wanted to let crewgrrl meet y'all. Oh well...

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