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No Arisia, No Boskone

Enough people have asked Nomi and me about our Arisia and Boskone plans that it makes sense for me to post a simple announcement here.

Basically, Nomi and I will not be attending either Arisia or Boskone in 2010. These will be the first Arisia and Boskone we have missed since before we got married. However, we're still planning to hold a birthday open house for Nomi at our apartment on Saturday night for those who wish to attend, whether local or in town for Arisia.

The reasons we're not attending are quite simple and obvious. Now that we have the kids, the logistics (and expense) of attending either convention are much more difficult. If Nomi and I wanted to attend the whole convention, we would need to get a hotel room as always due to shabbat, and we would have to bring everything that the kids need for the weekend as well. We briefly considered attending one or both of the conventions on Sunday only, but again that would involve shlepping two infants along. Chances are neither of us would be able to do much programming or anything else at either convention, so in the end, it just made sense to skip this year.

Readercon is also iffy, although we'd really like to get to it if possible. As for Arisia and Boskone in 2011, it's a little early to say, but I will note that the Westin hotels have never made it easy to observe shabbat at a convention. So we'll just have to see.

In the meantime, keep reading here or gnomi for information on Nomi's party.
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