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2009: A Look Back? You've Got to Be Kidding Me

A lot of people have posted the usual reflections back on 2009, or even on the whole ten-year period that started with the year 2000. Some have even posted about how they've seen everyone else posting and feel obliged to.

I would love to post an exhaustive retrospective myself, but I simply have no time. Why? Well, for the one reason that, for gnomi and me, 2009 will always be a fabulous year. We started by moving into our own place (okay, technically we did that in December 2008, but still), and during the summer Hashem granted us the most adorable twin daughters on the planet.

Even though Nomi and I have been off most of this week, the girls have filled almost every minute of our time, making it difficult to accomplish much else. (See my post Traction for more on this.) Sleep has also been an issue; it's hard to sleep late when a crying baby demands your attention. And although we've been invited to a party tonight, we couldn't get baby-sitting in time so we're going to have it to miss it.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

May 2010 grant all of us everything we're hoping for.

Me? I've got to go watch some kids....



me too

Hi Michael,

I've rejoined you in the trenches, as I've now got two daughters, one a newborn and one in the terrible two-going-on-threes. I have zero time for myself it seems, but it was very sweet today settling in for a nap with both girls (well, nap/feeding for the little one...)

We will NOT be going to wild parties or even staying up until midnight (not on purpose anyway) but we have loving family with us and we'll make the most of these short years with the kids.
A Happy New Year to you and yours!
I was in NYC this week and I saw your book at Forbidden Planet. I thought it was cool that your book was there so I took a picture for you:

I Remember The Future
This is way cool. Thanks!
May 2010 grant all of us everything we're hoping for.
...or even on the whole ten-year period that started with the year 2000.

Really, it's OK to call it a decade. Any ten-year period can be called a decade.
You know, I phrased it that way to forestall any sort of comment on what "decade" means, and there you go. :-)
Sorry. I saw your post before I saw Gnomi's (which *does* invite such discussion), and you hit one of my pet peeves.

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