mabfan (Michael A. Burstein) (mabfan) wrote,
mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

One Disabled Train....

So this morning, before I left for work, I received alerts for the Green Line saying that there were delays on the Green Line D. I usually take the Green Line C, so I ignored the alert. (I live close enough to a D stop that I can take it as well if I choose.)

Well, as I was standing in the wind and rain on a stretch of unprotected-from-the-elements concrete with a gathering crowd, I received an alert that there were now 10-15 minute delays on the Green Line C due to a disabled train at Cleveland Circle.

One disabled train led to a much more crowded commute and got me into work about twenty to twenty-five minutes late.

The irony is that before my C train ever arrived, I received an alert saying that the D line was back to normal. Maybe I should have walked over there instead.
Tags: boston, brookline, personal

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