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Breakfast With Jeff VanderMeer

About a week or so ago, I noticed that the Borders store next to my office building was advertising Jeff VanderMeer's appearance to promote his new novel Finch. Sadly, the event was scheduled for tonight, so there was no way I could attend and finally meet Jeff in person.

However, Jeff happened to be staying in the area, so we met for breakfast.

Michael A. Burstein, Jeff VanderMeer Michael A. Burstein, Jeff VanderMeer
Copyright ©2009 by K. L. Bryant

It turned out that we had a lot to talk about. We discussed science fiction and fantasy writing, of course, and teaching, and Clarion experiences, but we also talked about Florida. In my day job, I'm working on a project for Florida, and it turns out that Jeff had some relevant experience in the same field. So who knows, maybe we'll be working together on something totally different than fiction later on.

Jeff graciously signed my copy of his book Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st-Century Writer, which I highly recommend. The link will take you to a website devoted to the book that includes a lot of supplementary material. Check it out if you're trying to carve out a life as a writer in today's world.


Yeah, Chicago isn't on his itinerary and he's leaving New York a couple of hours before I get there (and he's missing the SFWA Annual New York Reception).
I'm also missing the SFWA reception! Now he and I have even more in common. :-)
hey, I know that guy! He was at Odyssey the year I was...I think he read one of the stories I was working on. Liked it, too. (He was the only one who did.)

Also...since when is Florida a field? (I always thought of it more as a bog...)
"Field" refers to the field in which the project is based, not the state.
yeah, yeah. But I can still be entertained by how it sounded in my head :-P

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