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Arnold Hatters Gone

I just found out because I was recommending them to a friend that Arnold Hatters closed a few months ago.

Arnold Hatters was my favorite haberdashery, with Worth & Worth a close second. I discovered Arnold Hatters a few years ago when Nomi located an Ivy cap for me (my cap style of choice). We ordered it from them over their website, and the next time I was in New York City, I visited the store and met the owners.

They were a family-owned business. Father Arnold Rubin and sons Mark and Peter Rubin were true gentlemen. Many was the time Nomi and I would go there when on vacation so we could find me a new hat. You know those caps I always wear? Arnold Hatters. Those Fedoras that Nomi and I sport in the fall and winter, which make us look "fedorable"? Arnold Hatters. Even now, I can reach into my coat pocket and pull out the ear warmers that Mark sold us on one of the coldest Wednesdays in NYC that I can recall, back in late 2006. Any time someone in the Boston area admired my hats, I would send them to and tell them to let the Rubins know that I sent them.

The last time I shopped there was in mid-2007, the summer after Mom died. I told Peter what had happened, and he offered his condolences. And then I bought another cap.

I hope the family ends up doing okay. Peter, Mark, if you're out there, drop me a line.

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