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Good Burpings

As a parent of newborn twins – well, now almost eight-week-old twins – I've occasionally gotten a little bit punchy. That happens when you don't get much sleep.

One of the things we've been saying to our kids when they finally burp is "Good burpings!" I'm not quite sure where it came from, but there are times when one of the kids needs to burp, and when she finally does, she lets out a belch that would have made her grandfather proud.

Anyway, I started to come up with this idea of a whole society where the standard greeting for both "hello" and "good-bye" would be "Good burpings!" So two friends running into each other, or even two strangers meeting for the first time, would wish each other good burpings. In a way, it does make sense, as you're wishing for the other to be able to eat and drink to their heart's content.

But then I came up with the idea that that they would offer each other a bottle and pop the bottles into each other's mouth. At that point, I realized that this would be a much different society, one in which there was an implicit trust among all.

So do I extrapolate this whole society (either the first or the second) and write a science fiction story about it?

And, more importantly, should I start wishing good burpings to all my friends?


Have you gotten to the point yet where you can tell *if* they are going to burp by the hollowness of the sound your hand makes on their back? With Zach, I can usually tell after two or three pats if he's got a burp in him or not.
I can't really tell if they are about to burp, but we can tell that they need to burp, from the amount of crying they sometimes do after eating.
It's a strangely Russell T. Davies sort of idea. Remember the Slatheen (sp?), that terribly flatulent race from the first season? I suppose that there must be a race that is gassy in the other direction.
Interestingly, I didn't think of the Slitheen in this context. They don't wish each other good, um, flatulence.
yes, yes you should :)

or you should...

... get more sleep.

I am a fan of this plan!

Good Burpings to you, Michael!!!

Re: I am a fan of this plan!

And good burpings to you!
I think I would like to wish you "Good nappings." You *are* punchy, and hilariously so. LOL
I concur with this.
Make them beer bottles, and I think you've got the beginnings of a lovely tradition. And good burpings will be guaranteed!
Like this idea. LOL.
Would intestinal gas be a more severe problem for people who live in zero-gravity environments?
Hmm. Not sure. NASA must have done a study.
You can wish "good burpings!" to Michael and me; we'd be on board with that.

I like both notions for a story, but I lean slightly more towards option 2.
Good burpings!
I'd say write the story with both societies, and the problems that arise when members of one encounter members of another.

The two societies should have names that are anagrams of your twins :-P
A cute idea. Not sure if I'll use it, but...


Two things.

1. This reminds me of Seinfeld's line that we all should just say "Acknowledge" when we see each other, especially on a Monday morning at the office after saying hello and asking about the weekend for the third time when we really do not care.

2. You need more sleep.
Josh, is this you? You need to identify yourself in the body of the comment when you reply.
I imagine most of anything you try to write just now would be created by your sleeping face on the keyboard, or table, or whatever. It ought to be interesting reading in a year, though. :)



There are countries in which traditional good manners dictate that you compliment your hosts by belching at the end of a meal as a way of expressing your appreciation for their having served you a good meal. I have often heard of Turkey (the country, not the poultry) in this context, and a quick googling confirms it is one of a number of places where that is the custom.

I wonder whether the Beach Boys in your alternate society would have had a hit single with "Good Burpings" ....



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