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Idle Political Thoughts

According to the Secretary of State's website, I would only need 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot for Senate from Massachusetts.

The question is, as a local politician who has never held a state office, would I have a chance at all at convincing the voters of the commonwealth that I would be their best choice for senator? Running for an office such as senator requires an organization and funding, and at the moment I have neither one of those. I can collect 50 Brookline signatures myself next year to run for re-election as a Library Trustee. Collecting 10,000 Massachusetts signatures would require many, many volunteers (or paid workers) throughout the commonwealth.

Also, I'd need to make my platform explicit; a website would probably be a good start.


I hope you go for it! I can't help at all, not being a mass resident, but I do have a very good friend who lives in Mass. She's a political independent, and I'm sure would love to hear from you, and could maybe help get some siggies in Winchester.
You've already got the SP3 website. What more platform and web presence do you need? ;)
I suspect all the political powers-that-be will be eyeing that Senate seat. I suspect you'd have a very hard fight ahead of you.

On the other hand, if making a run for the seat got your name out there to the public, even if you didn't win it might lay the groundwork for something else later, such as running for a House seat.
Do they have to be 10,000 *different* signatures? 8^)
Jacques Demers, ex-head-coach of the Montreal Canadiens, was recently named to our Senate. When asked what he knew about politics, the answer was "me? Nothing." and the Canadian public rejoiced.

If he can do it, you can do it.
I think that you would never raise enough cash to run anywhere near successfully. And that you would be up against more than a few well known people.

Which isn't to say that you aren't qualified. I certainly think you are a better choice to be a senator than Sen. Gillebrand. But you need to pay your dues, no doubt.

Also, if Barney Frank were to run - which I don't think is likely - I would tell you to back him to the hilt. I want that man in the Senate.
I was hoping Barney Frank would run but apparently he has no plans to do so.
If you do get elected hire osewalrus to be your chief of staff!!!
While I can understand wanting to do this now rather than 25 years from now, I can't even *imagine* running a campaign while the parent of teeny tiny twins.
Yeah. That.
Just what I was thinking. Probably not an optimal time to take on a massive project.
Actually, it's not convincing the voters you'd be their best choice, but rather convincing them they aren't required to vote for a Kennedy for the seat.

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