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One of the biggest problems I've been having in the past three or so weeks is getting the traction to get things accomplished. As I mentioned in the last post, taking care of the two girls has become our first priority. That means that the moment I get started with a project, such as a story, an outline, or even a blog post, I find I have to drop it because one of the girls needs to be fed. Then we have to change her diaper, and then we have to feed the other one. It can take well over an hour to address their needs, at which point it all starts over again in two more hours.

I wouldn't have it any other way, though.


and hey, I'm doing it with no help at all! =8-o

Seriously though, it gets easier fairly quickly. Soon as they're sleeping reasonable stretches of time at night (hopefully the *same* stretch, or close to) you'll have more energy, and it'll be easier to keep them roughly in sync during the day. I try to accomplish tasks that only require a short attention span (washing bottles, laundry, etc.) during brief breaks when the babies are occupied, and things that need me to really focus (writing, programming, etc.) for after they've gone to bed.

Sometimes that all goes completely out the window (when the girls hit their sixth-week growth spurt, and later when they start teething, you'll feel like you've gone all the way back to square one or worse) but the progression is definitely one of improvement.

(As a side note, I have a big box of clothes and probably ought to figure out how to get it to you at some point.)

And hey, still no pics?
Pictures are in a closed Flickr group. Do I have your email address? I can invite you into the group.
It sounds like you have the proper perspective on things :)
If you're getting two hours of downtime between feedings, you're WAY ahead of the curve. When my son was an infant, he typically only happed 20-40 minutes at a time, and at the beginning would only take that nap while being held. :-)
Things should go back to normal in one decade or two.
Yes, you certainly wouldn't want it with higher-order multiples. You wouldn't have made this post at all! 8^)
Completely understandable.
I feel like I haven't finished anything in 8 years! (To be fair, dodajen and I did manage to edit a book of divrei torah between the births of #1 and #2, though it was supposed to be finished before #1 came around...).

I am amazed at how 530nm330hz actually manages to finish things!
When they get to the age that they toddle around, you could do what Piers Anthony did--write his stories on a yellow legal pad while chasing his girls around the house. :)

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