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Due Date

Today, August 11, was the original due date for the babies. Although we were given this due date very early on, because we were having twins it was generally assumed that the children might arrive early. As anyone reading this knows, Nomi and I have now been parents for a little over three weeks, which I hope explains why I seem to have dropped off the face of the planet as far as blogging is concerned.

The Bursteins at Home The Bursteins at Home
Nomi holds Yael while Michael holds Elisheva. (All rights reserved.)

It's been a great three weeks, but our routine has been vastly altered. We spent the first week in the hospital, as Nomi recovered from surgery and we learned what basic baby care we needed to know before coming home. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of learning. Schedules are a thing of the past; we really have to be on the babies' schedules, which varies. In essence, our role for the past two weeks has been to provide the babies with their needs. This means feeding them when they are hungry, changing their diapers, and comforting them when they cry.

None of this should be a surprise to anyone who is a parent or even to those who have only heard parenting stories second hand. Quite honestly, I feel that the details are either irrelevant or uninteresting to anyone who isn't us, so I don't see the need to bore people with stories of how much the children ate or what their diapers were like. (You may thank me for that.) What I do want to let people know is that as a result of our current schedules, we've fallen behind on things like writing, dealing with email, and keeping up with the world. I've wanted to post about things like the Hugos this past weekend, and the publication of By Blood We Live with my story "Lifeblood" reprinted in it, and maybe I'll find the time to do so later. (Just briefly: the short story "I Remember the Future" earned 18 nominations and in another year might have been on the ballot, and "Lifeblood" is available free on the book website for anyone who would like to read it.)

For those of you who are personal friends, Nomi has set up a closed Flickr group where we'll be posting pictures of the little ones. If you want to have access, send her or me an email and we'll make it happen.

As for the rest of our personal life, I'm going back to work next week, although I have to admit I have a hard time imagining what it'll be like to be away from my children every workday. Nomi will still be on leave, but she'll continue to have her hands full until our nanny starts in September. We have been very grateful for the generosity and support of our local and extended community, as we haven't had to cook for ourselves until this week. We've also been given and lent a lot of useful things, including baby clothing, a co-sleeper, and infant car seats.

If anyone had any questions for me, feel free to post and I'll do my best to answer them.


You and Nomi are literally these young ladies' whole world right now... nay, their suns, their galaxies, their Universes.

Rather appropriate for science fiction people.
They're beautiful :) Congratulations.
Yeah, I am very much not surprised. :) But very glad that N does not appear to have the post-partum depression I did, which consisted of cuddling the baby while falling into the Internet, among other things.

I'm glad you found a nanny - that will make things much easier.

I have older girls' clothing, if you would like. :)
You both look so happy! Everyone understands why you've disappeared, and we trust you'll be back when you've gotten some sleep. :) Carry on!
How beautiful... thanks for the update and the photo.
that's because your community hearts Bursteins and Bursteinettes!!!!
... BABY BURSTEINS. HELLO. *grinning uncontrollably*
Aw. I can feel the cuteness radiating all the way from NJ. Next trip up we'll have to see if we can drop by y'all if it is convenient.
Great picture!
That's a great picture! I'll have to remember to show Kit tomorrow.
(You may thank me for that.)

Heh. Thank you. You are ... a most unusual parent. Already!

Me, I am a commonplace baby-worshipper, waving inanely at the cute tiny Bursteins. Please to post more photos, as and when...
I've invited you to the private Flickr group, where we'll be posting photos.
Thank you! I have joined, and made appropriate cooing noises. Your girls are gorgeous (but you know this...).
So. Cute. :)
BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Wonderful picture!

Again, congratulations on two beautiful daughters!
Shoot me an email. I'd love to see the photos. :)

Thoughts and prayers to your family man.

You are blessed.
Invite sent to your gmail account.
Thanks sir.

Great hair on those girls! Hope we'll see you all at Boskone.

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