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William G. Tapply (1940-2009)

Despite being so incredibly busy with newborn twins, I couldn't let today pass without noting the following passing.

William Tapply was a New England mystery writer who was most well-known for his series of mysteries featuring lawyer Brady Coyne as the detective. Nomi has been a fan of Tapply's for a very long time, and a few months ago, when Tapply was going to be on a panel at the Public Library of Brookline, we went to the panel so we could meet him.

Tapply was very gracious and generous with his time. He signed a few books and accepted our praise with equanimity. I had only just started reading his books, but I was looking forward to catching up with the novels and getting to meet Tapply again at future events and signings.

Late this morning (we tend to be up at odd hours now due to the babies), Nomi was reading the Boston Globe and was shocked to come across an obituary for Tapply. He was 69 years old, and when we met him, he seemed to be strong and healthy. Apparently he had leukemia and died on July 28.

I am very glad we got to meet him and tell him how much we enjoyed his work. His death has reminded me that there are other writers whose work I appreciate whom I want to contact, and as soon as possible. Because you never know when one day, one of them will be gone.

I am very grateful, however, that I have lots of his books left to enjoy.

My condolences to Tapply's friends and family.

William G. Tapply Online
Boston Globe obituary: William Tapply, 69, prolific writer of mysteries, nonfiction
Boston Herald obituary: New England Mystery Novelist Wiliam Tapply
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