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Baby Naming

So for almost a week now, gnomi and I have been parents, and our world has turned delightfully upside-down.

Today in shul we gave our daughters names. Please say hello to

Elisheva Meira Burstein
Yael Batya Burstein

As Nomi noted already, Elisheva Meira is named for my great grandmother Elizabeth and Nomi's great grandfather Meir. Yael Batya is named for my father Joel and our friend David's father Julius or Yehuda (who died the Saturday night before Nomi's surgery) and for Nomi's grandmother Betty.

I'll have more details later on the significance of the names, once I have the time to write them up...say, in about twenty years.


Great names! Congratulations! If you think things are upside, just wait until they can talk, it gets even better!


Mazel Tov Michael !

Do you have any family helping, or are you an Gnomi dealing with the new situation by yourselves.

Your joy in life has now doubled.

Pax et bonum,
Would love to hear more details, if/when you have time...
Mazel-tov to the both of you! Very sorry we were not there this morning.
This post makes me happy. I have nothing but that to say about it, but please read this as me seeing you all from across the street, and waving because I'm glad to see you!
You cannot go wrong with Batya.
Yael and Elisheva--two of my favorite names. How wonderful! Again, mazel tov and much nachas!
Very cool names!

And congratulations on your new daughters!!!!!!!
Congratulations! (and what beautiful names!)
Congrats on bringing home two new, wonderful additions to our world. Welcome, little ones.
Lovely names! Such joy to you all.


Wow, I had no idea you two were expecting until I became Facebook friends with a mutual friend of ours, Larry Lenhoff, who lives in my hometown, Highland Park, NJ.

So you didn't choose to name them Eagle and Columbia or Armstrong and Aldrin. :) And they were born one day before the 40th anniversary of the moon landing!

You know, it's never too early to start teaching kids the solar system the right way, including Pluto as a planet. When my second nephew was born, the first time I held him, when he was one day old, I told him, "Pluto is a planet. Don't listen to the IAU." Supporters of the demotion believe their view will win over time through acceptance by the younger generations and the dying off the older ones. Let's not let that happen!

Best of luck to the four of you!
Mazal tov! Batyas of the world, unite!
Mazel tov!

How wonderful! I look forward to meeting them at some future date.

Mazel Tov!

From a former student, from your Rashi days, I wish you a heartfelt Mazel Tov. I hope that this is only the first of many simchot for your family.
Mazel tov!
Meaningful names are often a wonderful start in life. May you all have much joy of one another.
I cannot bestow enough well-wishes and congratulations on you to convey how happy I am for you. Suffice to say, here's to the start of a wonderful life with your children!

December 2016

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