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Twin Naming Planned for This Saturday

Our daughters will be named during the morning service on Saturday July 25th at Kadimah-Toras Moshe, 113 Washington St., Brighton, MA 02135.

The service begins at 8:45, but the Torah reading tends to start around 9:45 or 10.  The naming will occur during the Torah service, when Michael will receive an aliyah, and Nomi will bench gomel.

Services will end about 11:30, with kiddush afterwards.  Near the end of kiddush, Michael and Nomi will speak about the names they choose. Kiddush is being co-sponsored with our good friends Alexis Kaplan and Josh Rosenthal, who are celebrating their anniversary and the arrival of their new niece.


And congratulations!
Wish we could be there, but somehow I don't think you are up for guests. :)
I'm back from my travels and there have certainly been some changes...

Mazel tov to you and Nomi, as well as the best of health to all the women in your life.
Once you name them, you could send the whole family's names to Mars!

(I might make it for the baby naming. Will you post your talks here for those of us who don't end up making it?)
We might post about the names, but keep in mind that we expect to be rather busy...
Congratulations to you both!

And I just went back and read the baby entries from the last few days. :D
We're so falling behind on LJ like you wouldn't believe...
"We're so falling behind on..."

...sleep, I think you meant to say. ;)
It gets easier, honest (-:
I wish I could be there!

Odd Question

Can anyone (not Mabfan or Gnomi, they are busy) reading this post a link to an eruv map? I am contemplating walking in from Newton so I can see my folks.

Re: Odd Question

Re: Odd Question

The only tricky part on the walk from Newton to Brighton is that if you take Kenrick Road, the sidewalk (on the southern side) is excluded in spots because of the lake. If you take Comm. Ave. in there are no gotchas.
Cool! For those of us who can't be there in person, will you guys post about the names after the fact, so we know why you chose them (instead of numbers;) ?
Mazel Tov. May HASHEM make them as Sarah, Rivka, Leah and Rachel!!!

Congratulations to the whole family.
Oh oh oh I've been all out of touch on LiveJournal and now, all this news! CONGRATULATIONS! I honestly can't think of a couple that I know who would do a better job as parents than you guys. This brightens my day completely; I am truly thrilled for you.
(cross-posting to gnomi)

Mazel Tov !

Our best to Nomi, the girls, and you.

I hope there will be a posting about the service afterward. It's likely we'll miss it ;-)

I hope you plan on getting into swim lessons with them. We started Eleanor at 9 months.


Congratulations to you both! You will be wonderful parents.
I demand pictures!!! Because you have an abundance of free time :)
I hope you'll be able to post the speeches afterward.
Bli neder, we're going to try to walk in. I don't expect we'll be there in time for birchot hashachar, but we'll get there when we can.

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