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100 Days

For those of you who are interested in such things, there are now 100 days left until the presidential election.


Exciting. Let's hope this year it's an actual democratic election, as seen on TV.
I presume you mean as opposed to the one we watched four years ago?
As opposed to the one we participated in. The TV comment was more about the way we keep imposing democracy on other countries when clearly we want nothing of the kind at home. I love doublethink.

by the way...

Um, *coughs*, so, you know, being a great and mighty writer, would you like to join inkstinks? It's a group of amateur writers (well, most of us; we've got a few published authors :) who are learning the angsty way of publishing. If you'd like to join and bestow the wisdom of the ages...*bigfriendlyhopeful grin*

Re: by the way...

Great and mighty? Well, you certainly know how to appeal to a writer's ego...

I'll take a look.

Re: by the way...

*beams* you joined! you joined!!!!

Thank you so much!

Since you've more experience than the average bear than most of us, would you like me to give you a short introduction, or would you like to introduce yourself?

Re: by the way...

Looking back, I see that I already replied once to a message, a while ago. But I'd feel odd giving an introduction to a group I don't know. Perhaps you can just tell people you invited me to join, and a modest bit about who I am?

Re: by the way...

I've decided to post a hello, but you can still post an intro, if you want...

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