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Personal Update: Oral Surgery

For those of you who don't know, or were wondering, yesterday I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I'm doing generally okay, and gnomi has been taking good care of me.

In the meantime, tomorrow afternoon I'm giving a talk at shul. In honor of the Independence Day holiday, I'm going to speak about one of two topics: either the Jewish roots of Captain America, or the letter George Washington sent to the Jews of Touro Synagogue.

More later....


I'm eating more solid food now, but nothing too crunchy or hard. The weird thing for me is feeling the stitches in my mouth...
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

BTW, I got a book you may want to borrow when I'm done. Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a historic analysis of Jewish pirates from the age of piracy.

Apparently, Moranos acted as fifth columnists for the British to take over Jamaica. Afterward, a number of Jews, including one Rabbi, enlisted as Privateers/pirates to take revenge on the Spanish. Fascinating stuff.
I still have a book of yours I need to return at some point, although that one does sound interesting....
Get well and break a leg on your talk.
Bucky's Jewish?
Hope they heal quickly!
pretty brave of you to give a talk so closely to when you had oral surgery. I'm glad you'rehealing nicely.
Any chance you'll be posting something about your talk from shabbat? Richie told me it was fantastic, as usual, and as usual, I missed it.
I can try to reconstruct it when I see you at the barbecue today. The problem is that I don't write these out, I use notes and talk extemporaneously, so it's hard for me to post the talk afterwards.

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