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My Main Thought About Yesterday's News Stories

I kind of feel sad for Farrah Fawcett.


Yeah, that's kind of how I feel. From what I gather, she had a long struggle with cancer, and she seems to have acquitted herself with dignity.

I have a great deal more trouble empathizing with Michael Jackson, though I do have happy grade school memories of the Jackson 5.
My main sympathy for Fawcett is that her own death is being overshadowed by his.
Agreed. She got swept right off the front page and it isn't fair.

I was an 80's teen -- I remember Jackson at his height with Thriller.
Jon & Kate?
I know. She struggled for so long.
That's what I've been thinking this morning. Suddenly according to the news she never existed. :P
Each day, the Chicago Tribune sends out a wrap up of articles in teh paper via e-mail. I've sent them a message taking them to task for not even including a note about Fawcett.

Something similar happened back in 1977 regarding the death of the father of Jackson's future wife. Elvis Presley died on August 16, completely eclipsing the death on 19 of Groucho Marx.

It is interesting how Fawcett and Jackson had opposite careers in many ways. When she started out, she was seen as litte more than a blond bimbo, but as she chose her roles carefully, from "Extremities" to The Burning Bed, people saw her as a serious actress. Jackson started out as a major singer with his brothers and branched out on his own, hitting his zenith in 1984 with Thriller, but then eclipsing himself with his increasingly erratic behavior.
She had a terrible struggle with cancer. I think her story very much reflects what thousands of women are going through right now, and it IS too bad that we couldn't have a day or two to reflect on that before Jacko checked out. His story is tragic. I would not be surprised if this turned out to be a suicide. He had terrible financial problems, and I imagine his "comeback tour" was a last, desperate attempt to resolve his debts--something he may have decided he just couldn't face, given his increasing agoraphobia over the years.
I feel worse for the people of Iran.

Their story has been shoved off the front page by all of this.

And nothing is resolved there yet.
It all depends on whether you think it's a GOOD thing to receive lots of media attention. It is possible that many of her loved ones are just as glad NOT to be part of a media circus.

BTW, CBS had a special about the two celebrity deaths last night, that spent a good deal of time on Fawcett, as well as on Jackson.

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