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Star Trek Review up at SF Scope

My review of the new "Star Trek" film is now available on SF Scope at The Future Returns – a review of Star Trek.

Short version: "This isn't just a great Star Trek film; it's a great film, period."


Yeah, honestly, I've been sick of Trek for well over a decade. In fact, I bailed on it completely only a couple of years into TNG.

The new movie actually has me interested again. Will probably catch it this weekend.
*Pacing hard waiting to see it*
Seeing tonight at midnight on the IMAX screen--can't wait!
And you know, it just occurred to me that the first time I ever heard about this movie was while sitting next to you and Nomi at RavenCon. :)
They've been planning it for that long, wow. You know, I think I have a vague memory of that part of the conversation. (I do recall explaining our customs as we ate tuna sandwiches.)
I seem to be the only Trekkie who can't work up any enthusiasm even after the good reviews.

I think that Kirk in a car still makes me angry.
I think that Kirk in a car still makes me angry.

"Captain, you are an excellent starship commander, but as a taxi driver you leave much to be desired."
Just saw it. Don't fret the car thing. It works in the context of the movie. But I see your point. Still, you have to see the movie to get over your anger. Or you will have given in to the Dark Side of the Force.
It's okay. The car works. And contradictions are...well. They have reasons.
The car thing is very short. I really think you'll enjoy the film.

Besides, you have to see it no matter what. If you end up hating it, you'll need to justify that to the entire Internet. :-)
I doubt that Sulu and Chekov will get much screentime in future movies. In a 20+ episode tv season, there's time for there to usually be one episode focusing on each supporting character (although some shows don't do that; for example, Castle's supporting police characters are serious background with no focus on them at all).

But in movies, you get only one every few years. And they focus on the star characters. Quick, other than one, obvious but very short, scene, name any scene from the first six Trek movies where Sulu was really focused on. If you ignore the bug bits in Wrath of Khan, ditto for Chekov. Uhura had some movies (Search for Spock) where she only got one scene.

No, future Trek movies will continue to focus on Kirk and Spock. If they're lucky, one or two of the rest of the crew will get a significant scene in each movie. But none of them are going to be the significant focus of a movie. Trek movies aren't about an ensemble cast; they're about Kirk, Spock, the guest stars, and then a supporting cast.
do I need to have a ST background to follow this movie?
I think it might work without. Debbie disagrees. You certainly don't need a detailed background, although that makes the experience richer, catching inside references. You know Leonard Nimoy plays Spock, right? And he looks a lot older than he did in 1969, right? That's about all you need, I think.

There was apparently a short comic-book prologue to the movie, like 4 issues, my chavrusa gave me a summary. But it worked fine without it, they explain enough of what's going on.
I used to watch ST with my dad, and I've seen the other movies, but that was a while ago. I have a basic understanding of things.
Not at all. You may not catch some of the subtle references, but you don't need them to follow the plot.
As many others have said. You can come to this movie with no knowledge of Star Trek save what leaks into popular culture, and you can follow everything.
Glad you liked it! I thought they did a great job, but was curious to hear what you would think. (And it was nice to see you, even if only briefly.)
I'm surprised to hear that the younger characters are in it -- especially Checkov. But I'll reserve further comment until I see it.
The point of having the younger characters in it is to bring the whole iconic crew together. Chekov is part of that crew.

Should I bring the book to return tomorrow?

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