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Apex Blog > Editor Gripes

A few weeks back, after I finished my work as the editor of the special issue of Apex Magazine, I blogged about my experiences as an editor on the Apex Blog (see Thoughts on Professionalism and Guest Editing). One of the goals I had in mind was for writers to learn a little about what editors go through, so they could do a better job of crafting their submissions to the market and thus make the editor's job a little easier.

Jason Sizemore, the publisher at Apex, asked a few of his regular editors to discuss other issues that they deal with, and he's posted their responses at Editor Gripes. If you're a writer hoping to sell your work to a market, take a moment to read over the post, as it's very instructive.

And don't worry if you get steamed by what you read; Jason is giving his writers a chance to post our own gripes next week...


Interesting. Most of the gripes I can understand. Some seem a bit pedantic. At least one of them, I'd like to have seen with an explanation (the query letter one), especially since some editors seem to have the reverse gripe about that one.
Do you mean that in your experience, editors prefer a lack of query letter?
From talking to various editors, it seems like it is evenly split about 50-50 for those who want a cover letter and those who say most cover letters are useless.
Interesting link. Thanks for posting it :)

December 2016

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