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Worst Science Fiction TV Season Finale?

I'm looking for suggestions for the worst science fiction television season finale ever. (Not series finale, but season finale.) Any thoughts?


The first one that comes to mind (after looking it up to confirm that it was indeed the seasone finale) was ST:TNG "Shades of Gray" (the clip show they did to squeeze out another episode during the writers' strike).
I hadn't remembered that one. Good suggestion. Thanks!
The season 1 ender of Earth:Final Conflict, which was meant to set up all the 'clever' changes that the suits at Fox had decided were needed to set up the show.
I never watched this show, but I take it the direction they wanted to take the show in did not appeal to the fans?
Quantum Leap.

Confusing as hell and a final text screen that effectively killed the series for all time.

RTFQ, Ray.
I'm pretty sure that one or several of the season enders for the last 3-4 seasons of the X-Files qualify as flea-bitten tripe. I'm assuming that the X-Files qualify as science fiction TV series?
Yeah, X-Files would qualify.
I'd have to go with the Season 3(?) finale for BSG, where they revealed four of the final five Cylons. That nonsense with "All Along The Watchtower" ruined the show for me, and I never went back.
Never? You missed all the controversy of the final season!
I just have to throw in the fourth season finale of Enterprise. Okay, so it was the series finale, too, but - SUCKAGE. SUCK SUCK SUCK. As far as I know, everyone from every part of the fandom likes to forget that it exists.
It was a perfectly fine revisionist history finale for a revisionist history series. And I think a little alt-hist Trek can be fun from time-to-time. If I didn't, I wouldn't be headed to the theater in two weeks.
I know it's also a series finale, but the last episode of BSG, especially the last half hour or so, both had the characters being amazingly stupid (the anti-tech message) and ruined the series for me (pick any of the many deus ex machinas).
The ending of BSG was very puzzling, with a lot of controversy, but I'm not sure it's as bad as the TNG second season finale referenced above.
The end of the fourth season of Andromeda produced the biggest TV "WTF?" I've uttered in many years.

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