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mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

Boskone Panel: How Not to Edit Yourself

Last month, I moderated a panel at Boskone called How Not to Edit Yourself, and drcpunk was in the audience taking notes. drcpunk's notes on the panel can be found here, for anyone who would like to read the pearls of wisdom provided by Eleanor Wood, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, David Hartwell, Josepha Sherman, and me. The notes are a little disjointed, which is inevitable, but drcpunk managed to jot down some of the more important things we said, including advice on turning off your inner editor when writing, and making sure not to over-edit before sending work out into the world.

"If you have imagination enough to be a writer, you should have imagination enough to be an editor." - Michael A. Burstein

Go read: Panel Write Up From Boskone: How Not to Edit Yourself
Tags: conventions, writing-advice

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